"The staff at Lion Associates are extremely attentive and respond to our needs with immediacy - I always feel as though I have their undivided attention."

- Cheryl Provost, Regional Sales Manager,


The staff at Lion Associates are always responsive to our editorial requests. They are well-informed and diligent about getting their clients published in our magazines.  It's a pleasure working with Lion Associates, and we can always count on them to give us something interesting and informative. More importantly, our time is never wasted with irrelevant PR or article suggestions. They know their clients well and match them to magazines like ours accordingly.’

- Warren Clark, Publishing Director &  Group Editor, Europa Science, Ltd.


Lion Associates is in constant touch with our editorial department providing current information on their clients within the photonics markets. As  publishing technical media, it's always a pleasure for us to work with a team that understands our processes, and how we interact with our target groups.

- Johannes Kuppe, Editor-in-Chief, Photonik


"Lion Associates continually seeks out editorial opportunities for us and works with the magazines reps to get us the most for our money. We can't ask for more!" 

- Gregory Pangburn, CFO, Imperx


“Lion Advertising is a professional business partner in every aspect.  They are extremely knowledgeable of their clients’ needs, which translates into effective marketing programs.  They truly are an extension of your business, and a true partner.”

Diane Donnelly, Regional Sales Manager, Pennwell Publications